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Recent Uploaded Documents

Friedrich Ebert Stintung - J.H.Wagner. Dialogue Handbook and Collaborative Action. Ecuador.
Upload date: 2016-04-19    Languages: Spanish
Instituto para la Democracia (IpD). Paths of conflict. Approaches to the notion of conflict as cultural construction.. Bolivia.
Upload date: 2016-04-19    Languages: Spanish
UNDP/OAS. Practical Guide Early Warning and Response Systems Design for Social Conflicts. Panama.
Upload date: 2016-04-04    Languages: Spanish / English
FFLA / PDP-FN SNU Ecuador. Techniques and Tools for a Sensitive Approach to Conflict: Understand, Join, and Act.. Ecuador.
Upload date: 2016-01-19    Languages: Spanish
PNUD Panamá. Imagining a common future: Integral Development Plan of Indigenous Peoples. Panama.
Upload date: 2015-12-02    Languages: Spanish

Most Downloaded Documents

NA. Group Techniques.
Upload date: 2007-10-19    Languages: Spanish
Downloads: 35567
msn. Dialogue Accords on Health and Nutrition. Guatemala.
Upload date: 2006-09-21    Languages: Spanish
Downloads: 23179
León Gemmell, Víctor Alfredo. Conflict as a system.
Upload date: 2008-05-26    Languages: Spanish
Downloads: 17957
Pruitt, Bettye; Thomas, Philip. Democratic Dialogue: a Handbook for Practitioners (English version).
Upload date: 2007-03-23    Languages: Spanish / English
Downloads: 15627
McCormack, Carmen. Role of the Facilitator in Consensus Building and Conflict Management.
Upload date: 2006-04-19    Languages: Spanish
Downloads: 15208