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Conflict Prevention and Dialogue

About us

Our team and resources belong to the working area of Conflict Prevention and Democratic Dialogue of UNDP's Regional Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean. We directly contribute to Governance and Peacebuilding by reinforcing Latin American and Caribbean countries´ capacities to prevent and manage conflicts as well as the risks of social and political tensions. Our headquarters are in Panama City.

Our overall strategy aims at strengthening democratic institutions by making them more responsive to the needs and demands of the population, as well as to strengthen their response capacity through the provision of tailored technical assistance, dialogic methodologies, and innovative social capacities for the prevention of violent conflicts, crisis management, and consensus building. We want to contribute to a deeper societal deliberation, to more solid social links and capacities for addressing conflictivity in a peaceful and constructive way, and to the emergence of sustainable and creative options for change in a participatory and inclusive manner, in line with the strengthening of infrastructures for peace.


What services do we provide?

Capacity building and strengthening for key societal actors and institutions for the promotion, design and implementation of dialogic processes for addressing conflicts and providing participatory spaces for long-term strategic thinking and for generating understandings and actions aimed at deep changes that strengthen democratic governance.

We also offer specialized courses on conflict prevention and dialogue, tailored for specific contexts and audiences.

Strengthening of the existent infrastructure for peace through the provision of technical assistance to dialogue and change processes initiatives based on national demands channeled through the Country Offices, with a strong emphasis on the support to national strategies. The technical assistance includes context analysis; conflict analysis; design, facilitation, systematization and logistics of dialogues and change processes aimed at crisis prevention.

Knowledge production and dissemination in the field of conflict and democratic dialogue, through a continuous process of documentation and systematization of experiences and methodological tools made available to the public in general, to our partners, to Country Offices and their counterparts, and to our expert roster through our regional community of practice and the website on conflict prevention and democratic dialogue.

Our experience

  • Technical advice for the development and implementation of Early Warning/Early Response systems for social conflicts at the national, regional or community level, including gender and cultural diversity into its design.
  • Capacity-building for mediation, dialogue and negotiation for government and civil society actors.
  • Analysis of controversies, potential conflict situations and ripeness for the implementation of conflict prevention and management mechanisms.
  • Design and implementation of multi-stakeholder dialogue processes.
  • Specialized courses on conflict prevention and dialogue, developed and tailored to specific context and audiences.
  • Documentation, research and systematization of lessons learnt, good practices and methodological tools for conflict prevention and management.


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